“Lisa has been, without a doubt, the most healing therapist I have encountered in my 61+ years. She is deeply compassionate, insightful, present. She has been profoundly loving and supportive in a way I honestly had never encountered previously. I feel such respect and gratitude for her.” 
—M.R., Santa Barbara, California

“Working with Lisa, I experienced maximum empathy and trust. She helped me connect to root causes on a deep level and find the inner resources to proceed from there. Over my lifetime I have seen seven professional therapists of various brands, from social workers to psychiatrists. Until Lisa, I had never received this quality of uplift and assistance, which has led to
profound, life-altering change.” 

—D.B., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Lisa has been a huge support for me as I face the biggest demons, traumas, and challenges of my life. She always believes in me and assists me with patience, sensitivity, and love. With Lisa, I started to see much more light in my life than ever before. She is the first therapist I’ve had who also supports me in reaching my highest spiritual experiences. She appreciates the most secret, pure, and delicate places of my heart.” 
—D.J., Lublin, Poland


“I’ve seen many therapists over the years, and I had almost given up on therapy altogether because the process felt dreary, forced, and superficial.
But in my first few months with Lisa, I made so much progress, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; it still continues to surprise me. She holds the perfectly balanced and empathetic space that I haven’t experienced with anyone else. She truly listens and guides me by flashing ‘lights’ of wisdom, strength, and love in my direction with a holistic clarity that helps me find
a way back to my true self.”

—M.P., San Francisco, California

“Lisa really helped me with the anticipated loss of my beloved dog, helping me process the transition of his life into the next stage of his journey and mine. She is not only a highly skilled therapist—she is a kind and compassionate person who is truly nurturing during significant life events.
I highly recommend Lisa.”

., Haxtun, Colorado

“I always experience Lisa as open and deeply authentic. She has helped me explore the connection between the “normalization” of shocking times in my life and a deeply internalized question of worthiness. With just a few intuitive and powerful words, Lisa helps me change my perception of my experiences and leads me into a place where I trust, accept, and love myself.”

—M.M., Santa Fe, New Mexico