People say that what we're all seeking is the meaning for life. I don't think that's what we're seeking. I think what we're seeking is the experience of being alive.

—Joseph Campbell


Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do you see as clients?

I work with individual adult women, romantic partners (same sex and opposite sex), and other relationships (e.g., parent and adult child). All sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities are welcome.

Please note: I do not have sufficient training or experience working with women who have at any point been hospitalized for or diagnosed with bipolar and related disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, or borderline, narcissistic, or other personality disorders and therefore am not able to take these cases.

How much do you charge for a session?

My regular rate is $140 for one hour. Sessions for individuals are one hour long. Sessions for couples or other relationships are one hour fifteen minutes long and billed accordingly.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Making my services affordable to women with various income levels and life experiences matters to me. I donate 10% of my income to offering fee reductions in the form of a set number of sliding scale spots ($110-$140) for those who need it as well as additional fee reductions for people in special circumstances. However, there are times when all of my sliding scale spots and reduced fee spots are full, so please inquire with me if you are needing a reduced fee.

Do you offer an introductory phone call or session so we can get to know one another?

I've discovered over time that what most prospective clients are interested in learning during introductory calls or sessions is largely two-fold: they want to get a better feel for me on a personal level and they want to hear more about my training and approach to working one-on-one. To address these needs, I offer the two videos at the bottom of this page.

Are you licensed?

No. I provide process-oriented facilitation, which is not considered "counseling" or "psychology" in the state of New Mexico. 

Where do you see clients?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am working via remote methods only (Zoom, FaceTime, and telephone). 

What types of payment do you take and when is payment expected?

For those at a distance, I accept PayPal or Venmo payments. Distance clients who opt to pay with PayPal will be invoiced immediately following their appointment and payment is expected upon receipt. For those coming in person, I accept cash, checks, PayPal or Venmo and payment is expected in full on the date of service. Please note: I am unable to accept insurance. 

Will I need to fill out any forms?

Yes, I will email you three forms to complete prior to our first appointment. 


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please email me at

Get to Know Me (14 min.)

My Training & Approach (20 min.)