My name is Lisa Blair and I am a Certified Process Work Diplomate based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have a private psychotherapy practice where I work with adults and teens at a distance via Skype and telephone as well as in person at my home office.

The ideas and practices behind Process Work are near and dear to my heart and influence my life in deep and sustaining ways. As a process-oriented facilitator, I believe in a kind of river or natural flow of meaningful experience that runs through our lives; we call this the "dreaming process." In it, we find greater insight into our experiences, and oftentimes discover unexpected answers to the problems and challenges we face. I strive to bring the principles of curiosity, belief, compassion, and awareness to life in my sessions with clients so that they too, may experience more meaning, fluidity, and magic in their lives. 

Feel free to contact me to see if scheduling one or more sessions may be right for you.



Women Ages 18-35

Artists and Creatives

Highly Sensitive People