When something unexpected happens, this signals the appearance of Nature, of the Tao, of Spirit, of God...[Arnold] Mindell calls it the dreaming process.

—Dr. Lane Arye


My Approach

What does it mean to be process-oriented?

As a process-oriented facilitator, I believe that the solution to a problem is contained within the problem itself. Thus, I do not try to "fix" my clients as if they are broken or fundamentally flawed; rather, I follow their perceptions with compassionate belief to uncover their unique and innate wisdom, power, beauty, and intelligence imbedded in their difficulties. I use a variety of modalities in any given session, depending on what seems to be called for with a particular client. For example, I may incorporate role play, dream work, movement work, accessing proprioceptive experience (feeling within the body), drawing/sketching, accessing wisdom from the Earth or God or Spirit, or simply but powerfully reframing negative self-perceptions in a non-shaming way.

I am trained in what's called "Process Work" (or process-oriented psychology) from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. There, I earned the degrees Master of Arts and Diploma in Process Work (their most rigorous clinical program). This lengthy and demanding training program educates students from all over the world to work with individuals, couples, and families; physical illness, death, and dying; dreams; inner work and personal development; art and creativity; addictions; depression and anxiety; altered and extreme states of consciousness; and conflict facilitation for large groups and organizations.

What is Process Work?

Process Work is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that brings psychology, group dynamics, spirituality, and creative expression together in a single paradigm. An offshoot of Jungian psychology, Process Work was developed by Jungian analyst Arnold Mindell in the 1970s when Mindell began to research illness as a meaningful expression of the unconscious mind. He discovered that the unconscious manifests not only in nighttime dreams but also in physical symptoms, relationship difficulties, addictions, and social tensions. Drawing from his background as a quantum physicist, as well as from Taoist principles, shamanism, Zen Buddhism, aboriginal wisdom, and communication science, Mindell formulated the idea of the "dreaming process," a coherent and meaningful flow of experiences that underlies all life events.


Over the last thirty+ years of application and research by Dr.’s Arny and Amy Mindell and their colleagues, Process Work has developed into a comprehensive interdisciplinary system designed for working with the full spectrum of human experience. 


—from the Process Work Institute



My Training & Approach