My name is Lisa Blair and I have a women-centered, international online private practice where I support my clients in their self-expression, personal growth, and empowerment.


I am a Certified Process Work Diplomate. Process Work (or process-oriented psychology) is a theory and set of techniques developed by Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell and colleagues in the depth psychological tradition. 

As a process-oriented facilitator, I believe in a kind of river or natural flow of meaningful and intelligent experience that runs through all facets of our lives; we call this the "dreaming process." When we are close to our unique process in the moment, we find greater insight into our difficult inner and outer experiences, and oftentimes discover unexpected answers to the problems and challenges we face. I strive to bring awareness to my clients' experiences through the principles of curiosity, sensitivity, uplift, and compassion. As a result, many clients say they feel more self-love, less shame, and more meaning in their lives. 

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